How to succeed at the Box Office

How to succeed at the Box Office

No matter how much expertise a director or producer has, no one can still predict what exactly will work at the box office. Every year we read Tamil film news on the latest films that set the box office on fire. While some of the formula films that are as old as the hills, a do-gooder defeating the baddies or a romance do well, many others flop.

Do Tamil cinema reviews affect the B.O.?

Many are the producers and directors who claim that bad Tamil film reviews can affect the performance of a film. In fact, some of them who get a bad feedback during private previews go to the extent of not doing a press screening until after a film gets released. However, are they really justified in this stance? Fact is that no matter how closely shrouded one keeps it, today the verdict is out in social media immediately after the film opens. So these tactics of suppressing Tamil cinema reviews or Tamil cinema news do not really work.

When a film is good, it’s bound to get positive reviews overall barring a few ones that may not find it all that great. While there is a section of the audience that goes by the reviews, there are others who want to experience a film for themselves. For such audiences, good or bad Tamil cinema reviews don’t matter, content matters. So that’s where the key lies.

A good marketing strategy definitely makes the difference when increasing the B.O. expectations and creating a good opening for Tamil films. The run-up to the film’s release is the right time to create a buzz about it. Today’s film-makers are very savvy and work on the marketing strategy and promotions a long while before the movie releases. Releases of movie trailers, first look posters, releasing news updates about the film are some of the ways they keep the interest going. Tamil film news articles and interviews from the actors, actresses, directors and key technicians are also other ways to build curiosity in the audience.

How to assure a good opening

What every film-maker and producer wants is a good opening. A good opening at the B.O. can be assured when there are big stars or directors working for the film. However, not every film has the luxury of this. Therefore, the makers work hard to promote it using a combination of mass media, OOH such as road shows and associating with events and social media.

The social media factor

Social media has become a powerful means of promoting a film and the makers leave no stone unturned to maximise the usage of this media and push Tamil film news on it. The makers upload trailers and teasers on youtube, they use FB to provide updates on films and engage with audiences. Some even create contests to push up the interest levels.

Kollywood news packaged the right way along with a good marketing strategy is the way to go to keep the buzz around a film sustained.

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