The most popular cinema news

All of us love cinema news and each of us has a favourite star we love and we search for latest updates on them. However, did you realise that each of us has a different view of Tamil cinema news and are fond of different things. Here’s a look at the most popular bits of film news.

What makes controversies a big hit?

When it comes to drawing eyeballs nothing can draw more attention than a juicy controversy. When there are stars around, can controversies be far behind. All of us love to find out what’s happening to them and this curiosity makes controversial news much sought after. Simbhu’s much-publicised off-screen lip lock with Nayantara, Kamal Haasan’s controversial views on marriage, Khushboo’s opinion on premarital sex, all these were raging controversies. More are constantly being generated and consumed by readers!

Glamorous pictures have a magnetic attraction

The appeal of actresses in glamorous pictures, mini-skirts, crop tops, bikinis and other such outfits has a huge fan following. People love to watch their dream girl in various poses and looks. This is the reason that all movie sites have picture galleries. When it comes to being drool-worthy, why should the dudes get left behind? Most heroes today have well-chiselled bodies that they love to flaunt shirtless. Being well-groomed and handsome attracts enough fans to look at their click s too.

Event updates

Audio launches, movie promotions and movie related events are always popular. People want to stay abreast of the latest happenings and this section always gets a lot of attention. The stars show their off-screen side at these events and many of their candid moments are seen. This keeps fans glued to these events. When fans get a chance to visit these, they click loads of pictures and sometimes get selfie opportunities too.

Star romances & forbidden love

When your favourite onscreen couple turns off-screen Jodi too, there’s no doubt that you want to keep track of it. Innate human curiosity keeps us interested in knowing more about the personal life of the stars. Forbidden love such as a single star being in love with a married one provides plenty of grist for the rumour mills. If you thought only celebrity love affairs grabbed attention, you’re wrong, their divorces and break-up gain equal if not more attention. Kamal Haasan’s divorces with his wives Vani and Sarika made news as well as his break-up last year with his live-in partner Gauthami. Amala Paul’s divorce from Director Vijay was much-talked about as it was rumoured that her affair with Dhanush was the cause. Tamil cinema news comes with a good dose of this kind of news.

Teasers & Promotional videos

Before the release of a film, its teaser or promotional videos are aired. These give a preview into what one can expect from the upcoming movie. It builds eagerness to watch the film and gives an insight into the kind of characters who are to appear on screen.

Staying ahead of the latest cinema news gives you an edge amongst your peers. You would be the one to keep the conversation sparkling.