Assaulted actress reveals her side

Assaulted actress reveals her side

The South Indian actress who was shocking assaulted in February this year is still recovering from the shock. The special teams formed to nab the attackers caught and arrested Pulsar Sunni.  Murky details emerged and now there is evidence that Malayalam actor Dileep was the mastermind behind this.
She said “I am writing this note as I am not in a state of mind to explain all this in a channel interview. I had to go through a terrible incident on Feb 17. I promptly informed that to the Police and the investigation is going on. I have not tried to involve any actor deliberately into this case. I have acted with the actor in several films. We had certain personal differences and the friendship vanished. If he feels that he has been framed with false charges, that should come out soon. If he has done wrong, that should be proved. I have been hearing about a land deal that I had with the actor. I have no land deals or financial transactions with the actor. I have no account in Facebook or twitter. So the accounts and videos under my name are fake. I sincerely pray that no wrongdoer should be spared and no honest person should be convicted.”


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