Kamal feels Rajini should not enter politics

Kamal feels Rajini should not enter politics

In recent times, Superstar Rajinikanth has been in the news quite a lot. There has been a great deal of speculation on his entry into politics. He had even had a meet with his fans that further fanned the idea that he would step into politics.
Kamal Haasan being his contemporary has a word of caution for Rajini,  “Given the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu, I would say no one should enter politics. Not just Rajinikanth or any other actor. Any rational person will not do that ”
Also replying to the claim of certain Tamil organisations that only a person born as a Tamil should rule Tamil Nadu, Kamal said, “One’s feeling as a Tamil is important rather than being born as a Tamil. Gandhi. Nehru, Bose are not Tamils by birth but many Tamil people keep the names of those leaders for their children. I am considered a Keralite by many Malayalees. If you ask whether I try to become the CM of Kerala, I would say I am not interested in that.”


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