Kamal plans to quit cinema?

Kamal plans to quit cinema?

The recent GST rates announced by the Government are quite high. The GST on entertainment has been set at 28%. This is likely to affect the regional film industry in a very big way.
Kamal Haasan is quite saddened by the turn of events and told the press that wit was very clear that if the GST is as high as 28 percent, it will ruin the regional film industry. He considered 12 percent ideal. He even said that he would quit cinema if these extremely high GST rates are not removed by the government.
Kamal also went on to add,”It has to be noted that we are Kollywood and they cannot charge us at Hollywood standards. This 28 percent is not healthy for the growth of Tamil cinema which might perish at this rate. Cinema is not like gambling, it is an art. So I request the government to look into this issue and reduce the GST.



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