TN theatres go on strike

TN theatres go on strike
GST of 28% levied on theatres in addition to tax by the TN government is likely to put the industry in the doldrums. To combat this theatres are going on strike in TN.
Speaking about this ,popular distributor Tiruppur Subramanian states, “Till last evening, we only had to deal with GST and the Municipal Tax was supposed to be taken for a discussion only after 14 days. But Tamil Nadu government has suddenly brought in this. GST in itself is a big burden but we all decided that we would pay the taxes and do business in a proper fashion.
But a 30% Municipal Tax plus 28% GST would amount to 58% tax which is unthinkable.  Cinema is a profession which is actually running in loss. And if we are going to implement this, people will not come to the theatre in B and C centres. At least, few people may go to theatre in A centre or multiplex. People will avoid cinema if there is a 58% tax and no movie can release with 58% tax. It is crystal clear that we can’t do business in such a scenario. There cannot be a second opinion on this.”

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