Kollywood news

What makes Kollywood news?

The Tamil film industry is also popularly referred to as Kollywood. The hub of Kollywood movies is Chennai and the area Kodambakkam is synonymous as the hub of the Tamil movie world. This area and the areas surrounding it buzz with studios, production house offices, costume hiring shops and more. More Kollywood news is generated from here than from anywhere else.

Kodambakkam has a very interesting history that dates back to many centuries. One of the stories about how it got its name is that the Prince of Arcot had his stables there. The “unpaved roads were often described as the ‘Garden of Horses’ or ‘Ghoda Bagh’ which was later corrupted to Kodambakkam.

How did Kodambakkam become a Kollywood hub?

Film historian Randor Guy mentions that initially the Madras Electric Supply Corporation had built a Power House in Kodambakkam but since there were no takers for it, the concept of encouraging studios started. AVM Studios, Rohini, Film Centre, Bharani Studios, Vikram Studios, Golden Studios, Vauhini Studios and others started their business in and around here and flourished. They have all turned out landmark films.

AVM Studios has a rich history behind it. It was the longest surviving studio in India and located at Vadapalani. A. V. Meiyappan was a far-sighted entrepreneur and filmmaker whose vision was responsible for the creation of this magnificent studio where thousands of movies have been churned out. A lot of Kollywood news too came from this place which almost always was filled with numerous shoots happening simultaneously.

When the stars come walking down!

Where there are stars, there is news. Many of the stars used to live in and around Kodambakkam, Vadapalani and Valasarawakkam as it was easy to move around since most studios were close by. However, with the advent of time and a greater focus on outdoor locales, the stars too have shifted away, many preferring beachside homes. Nevertheless, whenever they are spotted around, it becomes big Kollywood news. In today’s world of course, it’s selfie time with the stars when one is spotted.

Stars and their controversies

With stars around, can controversies be far behind! When it comes to Kollywood news, like it or not but controversies seem to be one of the most popular things that people love to read about. There are some film stars who are prone to controversy such as Kamal Haasan and Simbhu. Whether it’s their personal or professional life, regular followers of Kollywood news know that they have been in the thick of many a controversy.

There are female stars too who have been known to court controversy quite often. Khusboo for one has always been in one controversy after another for her bold, outspoken views. When she spoke of premarital sex, culture vultures attacked her stance. Last year, she suggested enforcement of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and this stance was sharply criticised by certain political parties and Muslim organisations. No doubt, she is one star who has constantly been in Kollywood news.