Newcomers & Fresh Talent

What keeps the film industry fresh and young is the constant flow of newcomers. The new ideas and thoughts that flood Tamil cinema news is what keeps things so exuberant.

How one presents oneself is very important when it comes to making mark in the film industry. If one is looking to be an actor or actress, the kind of looks and talent needed differ d on the kind of break one is looking for instance, an aspiring heroine can start as young as 15while a hero can s around 20. A character artiste can enter the industry at any time provided a suitable role in the film crops up. Getting mentions in Tamil film news helps.

How to get a break in Tamil cinema

There are many different ways to enter the film industry and if you have been regularly reading Tamil cinema news, you would be aware how different stars have got their first break. Some are simply lucky, a director spots them somewhere, decides that he or she will fit the role they are looking at perfectly and there starts a budding career. However, this is a one in a million chance, actress Revathi was one such lucky actress who was spotted by veteran director Bharathirajaa. This made big Kollywood news at that time. Revathi also lived up to his expectations and received accolades in Tamil film reviews and gave many Tamil film interviews.

Another category is that of star kids. Kids whose parents have been in the film industry have an edge over others as they benefit from the rich experience and contacts that they have. They leverage this and make successful careers, Vijay, Vikram Prabhu and Gautham Karthik are fine examples. However, though being a star kid can be an advantage, it can have its downside too as expectations are heavy. They also tend to be the focus of Tamil cinema news.

Anyone can enter the film industry provided they have talent. There are many casting agencies that scout for talent and they provide opportunities for auditions. If selected, the person gets a chance to fulfil his or her dreams of acting on screen. They need to first get a professional portfolio done. This will include some of their best photographs which will show them in a wide variety of looks and expressions. This will help film-makers make a decision to audition them. If they are successful, they will bag the role.

Those who have talents other than acting such as musical talent, directorial talent, choreographing talent and so on can also get into the industry. Usually, the route here is to work for a while under a big music director, director or dance director respectively. This will not only provide hands-on experience in the industry but also help one develop into a full-fledged professional.

Building the right image

A newcomer must always have a good attitude and be ready to work hard. One must be professional and be punctual to auditions and shoots. At all times, it’s important to stay well-groomed and cultivate a pleasant demeanour.