Film: Brindavanam
Director: Radha Mohan
Cast: Arulnithi, Tanya and Vivekh

The script revolves around a deaf and mute barber in Ooty+, Kannan (Arulnithi) is a barber in Ooty, played by Arulnithi. He happens to bump into  Vivekh who plays himself in the film.  The star and his fan develop a unique friendship. This is  presented in the most emotional yet fun way.
Director Radha Mohan is known for his feel-good, i films such as Abhiyum Naanum and Mozhi and has not disappointed us.  Brindavanam touches our hearts too with its emotional repertoire.
The jokes are good and Vivek will have you in splits. Senthil and Cell Murugan as a film Production Manager enhance the comic appeal. Arulnithi has delivered a sterling performance probably the best in his career. Sandhya (Tanya)  plays Arulnithi’s love interest.
The second half drags a bit. Nevertheless worth a watch.

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