Want the best Tamil movie song reviews?

Want the best Tamil movie song reviews?

When it comes to Tamil cinema reviews, we know you trust us for balanced reviews. The same way when it comes to reviewing Tamil cinema songs, you can expect a balanced approach from us. Tamil cinema has had no dearth of composers and singers and as they experiment with various genres and fusion, we help you identify and understand good music. You will also be able to gauge which songs are really worth keeping on your play list.

Tamil movie songs are something that most Tamil movie lovers listen to or watch on a regular basis. No matter what kind of mood, you are in, you will find a song to match. Festive songs that spill over with joyous notes, sad songs that reflect the pain of melancholy or a broken heart, happy songs that speak of untold joy, romantic songs and so much more can be found.

Living legends like Maestro Ilayaraja and Oscar Award winner A.R. Rahman have taken Tamil cinema music to a new level. Yuvan Shankar Raja, Gibran, G.V. Prakash, Harris Jeyaraj, Anirudh Ravichander and D. Imman are some of the most popular composers in Kollywood. They have the ability to be very versatile and have proved their talent in both contemporary music as well as classic. Our song reviews will be featuring the work of each of these and the latest Tamil film news whenever their compositions are launched.

What is the criteria for song reviews?

The beauty of the song, the way it has been composed, the selection of voices and the situation are some of the things that we focus on. However, there are many other such criteria that we look into before pronouncing the verdict on any song. Our reviewers are quite skilled and well-versed in the nuances of music besides having had exposure to a lot of songs. This gives their reviews a greater depth and value. Music reviews that you can trust.

Giving life to the songs

While it’s the music director who comes up with the whole composition, the success of the song depends on team work. It cannot be credited to just one person. The singers, sound engineer and musicians play a key role in breathing life into it. The talent of the singers goes a long way in making it am also ran or one that will stay evergreen. When we do Tamil cinema reviews or Tamil cinema song reviews, we take these factors into account.

The singles trend

Any new audio launch instantly makes cinema news, the recent trend in this area is that instead of the whole album, some film-makers just launch a single song. This ups the curiosity about the film and is a good marketing strategy. We do song reviews for the entire album as well as singles. This has been much appreciated.

To keep yourself up to date with any kind of Kollywood news, Tamil cinema interviews and the latest song reviews, check us out regularly.


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