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Looking for the best Tamil cinema reviews?

Tamil cinema has evolved quite a lot over the years. Every year has brought in a fresh crop of directors, brilliant actors and other talent. When you go to watch them, a good Tamil cinema review can give you a feel of what the experience would be like. This bit of a hint could avoid plenty of disappointment later.

When it comes to Tamil cinema news or Tamil cinema reviews, Magnitude has quite an edge over the rest. The full-fledged team is constantly seeking the best Tamil film news and Tamil cinema interviews so that these can be delivered to readers. We have a knack of choosing the kind of news that would attract readers and keep them well-informed whether it’s a new film release, updates on their favourite star, picture galleries, videos, star interviews and more.

What makes our Tamil cinema reviews work?

Firstly, we put a lot of effort into every aspect of our Tamil cinema reviews. Experienced reporters with an in-depth knowledge of Tamil films and the pulse of the audience are on the job. They watch the latest Tamil films and write balanced, unbiased reviews that tell you whether the particular film is worth your buck or not. Our reporters are exposed to both Indian and global cinema and this reflects in their reviews.

How do we handle Tamil cinema reviews?

Every Tamil cinema review that you read on our site will have the following components. It will give you a gist of the story and tell you which genre it belongs to – horror, romance, comedy and so on. Every director is unique and his narrative and storytelling is a craft that stands apart from the rest. We look at the skills of the director in making the story come alive onscreen. His dexterity as a storyteller matters the most in a Tamil cinema review. How he fleshes out his characters, how he takes the story forward and the pace is something that we pay a lot of attention to.

The performance of the protagonist and the rest of the cast are examined critically. Whether it’s the costumes or the histrionic capabilities, a good Tamil cinema review must focus on these. However, a film is much more than the sum of the directors and actors and there’s so much more that goes into it.

The music director’s role in the background score and the song sequences are the key to heightening or bringing down the impact of the film. Creating convincing sets and selecting appropriate locations that reflect the milieu of the film is in the hands of the art director. The cinematographer’s role is to provide the right feel to the film and shoot visuals that tell the story. Our balanced Tamil cinema reviews look at these diverse facets of a film before we arrive at a conclusion.

Whether you are looking for the latest Kollywood news, Tamil cinema interviews or Tamil cinema reviews, you can trust us to keep you ahead.