A look at contemporary Tamil film news

A look at contemporary Tamil film news 

Tamil films have come a long way from what they used to be. They were once associated with being filled with song and dance, lavish productions and high melodrama. This is still the same for most commercial cinema. However, now audiences have matured and they are more open to new formats and more subtle options. Tamil film news has also changed a great deal over the years.

Script vs star driven films

Stars have always enjoyed the demi–god status in Tamil cinema. The release of their films usually have all the trappings of big religious festivals and are celebrated with all the gusto by fans. The paal abhishekams, larger-than-life cut-outs, garlands, crackers and more add to the festive mood.

Star driven films are usually commercial or masala films. They celebrate heroism and usually are driven by formula stories, either it’s a love story where the underdog falls in love, gangster story or a hero on a mission. They have plenty of lavish dance and fight sequences which cater to the masses. The sex appeal of the heroine is cashed in on and most of these flicks also have an item number or two thrown in. Fine examples are Kabali, Aegan, Jilla and others. Films of top stars like Rajinikanth, Ajith, Vikram, Vijay, Suriya and others usually fall into this category.

These commercial films apart, there is another segment the script driven films. These films are usually well-researched and have a strong script. The strength and success of such films solely rests on the screenplay. Some of the scripts are fresh and innovative and most established stars would not want to take up such experiments. Some of them include Kaaka Muttai, Kazhugu and so on.

What drives Tamil film news?

Kollywood film news always attracts audiences in a big way. Fans want to know every little thing that happens in the lives of their favourite actors and actresses. Whether it’s a small thing as their favourite food or big things like why they chose a particular film and the challenges they undertook to get their act together, everything interests them. This is the reason why Tamil film news is much sought after.

When there are attractive members of the opposite sex working together, there are bound to be whiffs of romance, flirting, courtships and relationships. These make the biggest Tamil film news.

Controversies always make a big splash. They get the maximum eyeballs and the media does its bit to feed these controversies. On a daily basis, some controversy or the other keeps popping up. Sometimes, it’s the opinion of a film personality that gets the media churning, sometimes it’s the theme of a film or it’s so called historical basis that runs into problems.

The rest of the Kollywood news of course is made up of filmi happenings, events such as film poojas, audio launches, publicity, Kollywoiod weddings and birthdays. Nevertheless the media always finds enough Tamil cinema news to keep their audience engrossed.