Trailers & Teasers

Trailers & Teasers

Trailers & Teasers

One of the best marketing tools for upcoming movies is making trailers or teasers. These are aired in theatres that are to screen the film, on TV channels, youtube, websites and video sites. The objective is to build up the tempo leading up to the release of the film. Though it’s hard core marketing tool, it has the pull factor. Rather, than the makers of the film pushing them, audiences wait eagerly for the release of trailers and watch them. This is especially true when there are big stars featuring in them.

Some makers promote the trailer release as a big occasion. This unveiling creates a flutter of excitement. Other ways of unveiling the trailer include posting them on social media on special days like festivals or birthdays of the lead star. This increases the views.

What makes a good trailer?

A good movie trailer is a piece of art by itself. A mini movie that brings you a stunning look at what the film would contain. Powerful trailers increase the audience for a movie. In fact, trailers and teasers are the most powerful tools for marketing a film. Trailers are slickly edited and their biggest secret lies in choosing the right shots and editing them right.

A trailer is skilfully created to make an impact. The most successful trailers are those that tease and provide a provocative glimpse of what one can actually expect onscreen. The perfect trailer would be defined as one with a sense of rhythm that leads the audience through the story of the film and builds excitement. It will lead them to making that decision to buy a ticket to the film. If it has done that, then it can be considered successful.

Trailers and teasers introduce characters in the films to you. This helps create a bond between the character and the audience. It lets the relationship build till the audience gets to see the whole film onscreen. This familiarity is what the makers aim for.

Are trailers spoilers?

Tamil cinema news does come with a mention of the latest trailers, we keep uploading them so you can check out the latest. There are some people who feel that trailers are spoilers and unduly feed us with an expectation. However, we believe that trailers on the contrary are enjoyable on their own and are a joyous prelude to everything you can expect onscreen. They enhance the experience.

Which are the most popular trailers?

If you go through the annals of Kollywood news, there’s ample proof to show that trailers that have big stars score the most views. Besides these, trailers that feature controversial content or are based on the lives of controversial people have a strong following. Besides this, thrilling horror trailers or those with twists are popular.

Watch the latest trailers and teasers in Tamil cinema here. Our reporters are constantly on the move looking for great Kollywood news and bring you remarkable Tamil cinema interviews with leading stars, celebrities, directors and crew.


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